Friday, 31 December 2010

Really Kim, what were you thinking?

Here is Kim Kardashian's latest look. Absolutely awful, and a testament to some trends really being better left in the 90s.

Words fail me- this is wrong on so many levels.

New hairstyle: Kim Kardashian showed off her new braided hair as she headed to the gym in Los Angeles yesterday
New look: The plaited locks sported by Kim bore an uncanny resemblance to the alien-like monster featured in film The Predator

Images: Barcroft Media

Thursday, 30 December 2010

And the winner is.

The most popular dress for 2010 was definately the Miu Miu applique. Just look at all the covers it landed. I can understand why, its so intricate and feminine and the detailing is exquisite.

Lilac is generally a difficult colour to wear well and not really all that seasonal- this is why I like the purple version of the dress so much, because it blows my aesthetic prejudices out of the water.

The Eva Mendes W cover rocks by the way.

I can't help but love the man...

Roland Mouret is my all-time fashion crush. In fact, I think he is so amazing, that I don't even need to put it into words and extol his many virtues.

But I will anyway. His silhouette and draping of the female form is second to none- except for maybe Ms Beckham, but he taught her everything she knows anyway, so it doesn't count. His designs are timeless and suit any woman, any shape and any occasion.

Don't really like his new collection all that much though. It's far less fitted and generally looser and less body-conscious, which is the theme of a lot of SS11 collections. Overall, not my cup of tea.

Here are my favourite RM dresses of all time.


Roland Mouret Galaxy dress Profile PhotoRoland Mouret Galaxy dress PhotographRoland Mouret Galaxy dress Photograph



THE MOON (from a while ago, the only one I want and dont have)

Who doesn't love some bling bling?

Boodles, has to be one of my favourite fine jewellery houses (except Van Cleef and Arpels) for their exquisite and delicate pieces and inspired collections.

In fact, my favourite item of jewellery is the 'blossom' ring that they do. I remember opening the box and falling in love with its delicate shape and the way the petals rise up away from your finger in such an unusual way.
You really must see the ring in the flesh to understand just how stuPost Optionsnning it is. But before you head to Harrods, here's something to whet your appetite..

I love these cuffs- £112,000 each!- Maybe not this year, eh?


For the Romantics amongst you...

The only weddings I've been to are Azeri ones. Jubilant celebratory affairs. Everyone you know will  be excited about your big day, because its always amazing fun and because everyone they know will be there too!

Families, distant relatives, friends, your friend's families and distant relatives and more food and caviar than you will ever see under one roof. A party you're unlikely to ever forget.

But I also love the poignant intimacy of smaller weddings. Here are some photos of what I think makes a truly stunning wedding party- and if this is too small a scale for you, well it doesn't have to be the only party you have.

(Nevermind that this blogs audience is mostly in their 20s- it will still give you something pretty to look at.)

This wedding was designed by US event organisers True Event.

nashville wedding
nashville wedding
nashville wedding
wedding invitations by laura hooper
nashville wedding
nashville wedding
nashville wedding
nashville wedding
nashville wedding
nashville wedding

image source: Link

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Festive Cheer

Isn't this the most beautifully set table? It's so pretty, perfect and really sort of magical.

I know it's wrong...

But, I really really want a pink quilted Chanel handbag.

 I know that I should know better, especially since pink should not be worn by anyone- except those eating rice crispies for breakfast and proudly carrying a Miley Cyrus lunchbox.

So although I know that no one can pull this look off- is it wrong to want to try?

Maybe I could be fashionably ironic and wear it with a juicy couture tracksuit (as suggested by Alexandra). After all, don't two wrongs make a right?....  Ok, I hear you. Bad idea.

But I'm not ruling it out (just yet).

Most gorgeous celebrity

Who comes to mind when you think about today's most beautiful celebrity? 

For me it has to be Dita Von Teese. Why? Well like you, she was never my cup of tea because all I saw when I looked at her was an impossibly pale pseudo burlesque dancer and Marilyn Manson's other half.

 I thought she was a phoney- a wag of the goth world, completely contrived and vapid.

However, having watched several interviews with her, I was struck by a few things. She is incredibly composed and measured. She is not a fame-whore and oozes class and sophistication. There is something so timeless in the way she speaks and looks at the camera.

And she is staggeringly unconventionally beautiful. But whats makes her so attractive does not lie in her DNA or her natural good looks, but in the fact that every part of her has been polished and honed to perfection- be it through surgery, exercise, makeup or fantastic corsetry. She is truly a woman being the best she can be- and in my book, you don't get more interesting or beautiful than that.

Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Come in, take a seat, we need to talk

The subject of today's post is Herve Leger. Yes ladies, those candy-coloured tuck you/ pull you/ suck you  in creations.
They should fit like spanx and leave us with Irina Shayk's silhouette, but in reality those of us who do have something to shake end up looking like a Christmas ham.

This leads me to my problem with Herve Leger. When it was relaunched in 2007 it was cool, fresh and hot- a bit cool and ubiquitous like Christopher Kane, but actually something anyone could wear, in any way, anywhere. Crucially, the best barometer in fashion Ms Beckham embraced them and as always, worked them till we all wanted one.

But as with all great things, it wasn't long before Herve Leger became the 'what not to wear'. Heidi Montag, Christina Aguilera and Paris all poured their surgically enhanced selves into the dresses. Then  the girls who make you wince wearing the pink versions of the dress with diamante earrings and plasticky clutches. Now when I think of the standard bandage dress, I think cheap, tacky and unimaginative- unless its one of the more exciting catwalk designs.

Then there's the problem of the Blake Lively's and Victorias' Secrets Angels. They are simply perfect when they wear the dresses. This leads us to the moral of the story- unless you are a supermodel or pretty close to being one, don't even go there.

Crimes Against Fashion


blake lively herve leger 04

Enjoying her newfound fame: Irina Shayk shows off her svelte, tanned figure in a jade Herve Leger bandage dress at the New York premiere of Twelve13th+Annual+Webby+Awards+Arrivals+wFxMABqV87cl

Shoes glorious shoes!

I'm not usually one to idolise and employ creative adjectives when it comes to shoes. To me they serve a practical purpose, as an expensive and glossy way of boosting my 5ft 4 credentials to a 'rangy' 5ft6.

My black Christian Louboutin Bianca's have been my trusted friend in vertically challenged times, but recently I've found myself tempted by some of the more exciting collections of SS 2011.

And here are my favourites from Louboutin, Brian Atwood, Charlotte Olympia and Rupert Sanderson, for it is at their well-heeled alter that I bow.

Rupert Sanderson

Theme: This collection makes me swoon, as its sexy and playful at the same time- crucially without looking cheap or tacky. The shape might not be very original, however there will never be a shoe that comes as close to flattering any body or outfit as the  stacked platform and the stiletto heel.

Rupert Sanderson - Shoes - 2011 Spring-Summer
Rupert Sanderson - Shoes - 2011 Spring-Summer

Rupert Sanderson - Shoes - 2011 Spring-Summer
Christian Louboutin

I cannot say I like all of these, but some I would happily wear, especially the first shoe with the laser cut flowers. This collection is also far more whimsical than previous ones and this is especially pronounced in the tape-measurer shoe. I do applaud this boldness because no one wants to buy into a brand that doesn't evolve, remember Herve Leger (eek)?

Charlotte Olympia

Same old, same old anyone?

Charlotte Olympia Spring 2011 Shoes Collection

Brian Atwood

From the man who gave us the heel of the year- the Maniac. Personally I am disappointed with this latest offering. I do not like heels that are fussy, but of course can be objective in giving credit where credit's due. However, when I look at this collection I picture a certain category of women from ex-soviet states with pasty plump legs and frizzy hair pairing these with matching animal print (especially the zebra ones and the black mesh ones). I just think something about the whole collection is off. It does playful, but the wrong sort of playful: you end up more of a joke than a tease.

spring 2011 brian atwood shoes

brian atwood footwear spring 2011brian atwood sandalsbrian atwood shoes
brian atwood shoes collection
brian atwood shoes 2011
brian atwood shoes summer 2011