Thursday, 30 December 2010

I can't help but love the man...

Roland Mouret is my all-time fashion crush. In fact, I think he is so amazing, that I don't even need to put it into words and extol his many virtues.

But I will anyway. His silhouette and draping of the female form is second to none- except for maybe Ms Beckham, but he taught her everything she knows anyway, so it doesn't count. His designs are timeless and suit any woman, any shape and any occasion.

Don't really like his new collection all that much though. It's far less fitted and generally looser and less body-conscious, which is the theme of a lot of SS11 collections. Overall, not my cup of tea.

Here are my favourite RM dresses of all time.


Roland Mouret Galaxy dress Profile PhotoRoland Mouret Galaxy dress PhotographRoland Mouret Galaxy dress Photograph



THE MOON (from a while ago, the only one I want and dont have)

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