Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Most gorgeous celebrity

Who comes to mind when you think about today's most beautiful celebrity? 

For me it has to be Dita Von Teese. Why? Well like you, she was never my cup of tea because all I saw when I looked at her was an impossibly pale pseudo burlesque dancer and Marilyn Manson's other half.

 I thought she was a phoney- a wag of the goth world, completely contrived and vapid.

However, having watched several interviews with her, I was struck by a few things. She is incredibly composed and measured. She is not a fame-whore and oozes class and sophistication. There is something so timeless in the way she speaks and looks at the camera.

And she is staggeringly unconventionally beautiful. But whats makes her so attractive does not lie in her DNA or her natural good looks, but in the fact that every part of her has been polished and honed to perfection- be it through surgery, exercise, makeup or fantastic corsetry. She is truly a woman being the best she can be- and in my book, you don't get more interesting or beautiful than that.


  1. Dita von Tees is probably not the best she just scrubs up well

    well written blog though! keep it up!