Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Can someone please tell me her secret?

I know it's way too early to think about ageing and turning into a haggard prune- which no doubt I will with all this tanning. But I am genuinely fascinated by how Demi Moore manages to look so amazing at 48.
Time has literally stood still for this woman.

More importantly, her face doesn't look unnaturally taught or over-botoxed. Her smile isn't a super-stretched rigour mortis grimace and her lips are not two overstuffed cumberland sausages.

I reckon that whatever she has had done, has been done very well. Maybe some subtle cheek-fillers to maintain a youthful glow and of course having the body of a 26 year old (minus some wrinkles here and there) helps immensely. She even puts Miley Cyrus in the looking a little worse for wear catergory.

Looking incredible: Demi Moore at the premiere of No String Attached in Hollywood last night, putting in an age-defying display in a short LBDAgeless: Demi looked remarkably line free last night - apparently not have aged since she attended her G.I. Jane premiere in 1997 (right)
Showing her support: Demi came along with husband Ashton Kutcher who co-stars with Portman in the film
Fan frenzy: Demi signs her autograph for the assembled crowd outside the Regency Village Theatre

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