Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Didn't think I would be- BUT......

Unfortunately I am someone who occasionally labours under ill-founded and erroneous impressions of people.

I think that we all have people we don't know very well (maybe not at all) and yet we decide that there is something somehow annoying about them. We irritably complain "Urghhhh, 'so and so' is just the most annoying person in the world"- even if we havent necessarily ever had a conversation with them. This better not be just me..

Wait- I am nearly getting to my point here.

January Jones. There had never in my life been a celebrity who irritated me so royaly. Her insipid little face and cheesy smile staring out of the glossy pages- a travesty. How could Hollywood allow this mockery of a celebrity with zero-star quality.

January Jones has fair hair Images

This was all until I started watching Madmen. At first I didn't get it and it seemed so boring. But then I fell hook-line-and-sinker and not just for Don Draper. The beauty of the whole show is how understated it is and how authentic it is. Out go the cheesy exaggerated tv show caricatures and in comes real acting.

The acting in mad men is really in my opinion exquisite. There is no brashness in this show. The plot is carefully developed and every character unravels with time, making for a unique viewing experience. Much different to traditional shows where the actors adopt opaque and inauthentic veneers of their characters and that get tedious as you get bored of their stale predictability.

Anyway, enough about that. I love Mad Men. Betty Draper, Don Draper, Peggy Olsen and of course the fiery Joan Holloway.

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