Monday, 31 January 2011

Would you buy ice cream from a butcher?

I didn't think so.

That's exactly the way I feel about buying bags from a shoe designer, credit cards from the kardashians or perfume from Paris Hilton.

So when Christian Louboutin began its foray into the world of pursedom, I drew a heavy sign at the commonplace chain handles and the general lack of imagination that the first collections exhibited.

This was until I recently saw the Louboutin Miss Rope Capra Bag- yours from Net-a-porter for £995.

I despair that the pictures make the bag look utterly ghastly, when in life it is so perfect (trust me on this one) . The proportions. The shape. Comfortable to carry and suitably neutral for a day look and very classy looking. Please see it in the flesh (Selfridges) if you can- it is insanely stunning.

Now I know where my next paycheck is going!!

large product image
large product image
large product image

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