Friday, 11 February 2011

Cause big girls get down on the flo' And make it jiggle, jiggle, jiggle you ain't know

Ciara embodies her lyrics.

However, I think she looks amazing and her body is to die for. Even though her gown is totally stripper-esque it still somehow looks classy and not trashy.

It must be the colour- Brown is not a colour you associate with sexuality or hotness. Therefore, I think the shape and the cut out panels are muted by the actual colour of the gown, which makes it look so surprisingly workable.

Or I might just be deluded.

Hot to trot: Ciara stepped out in a revealing outfit last night in LA. The singer stepped out in the statement dress as rumours circulate that she has been dropped by her record label

Cut-out couture: Ciara looked amazing in this mocha-coloured cut-out dress which showed off her toned figure
Nice view from the rear: Ciara showed off her curves in all the right places on the red carpet in her show-stopping dress

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