Monday, 28 February 2011



For me Camila Alves takes the best dressed prize at the Oscars.  She looked like royalty in her black taffeta Kaufman Franco gown, swept back chignon, potent confidence  and divine features.

I hate princess gowns but the black infuses her look with an air of dignified solemnity and class- furthermore more the cut away back and front draws the eye down and balances the heaviness of the skirt. The absence of a heavy diamond necklace keeps her look modern and young.

Maybe I'm biased, but I have always believed that when going to a party thats bound to have every woman wearing colour, it is best to wear a  perfect black dress- accessorized simply with expensive accessories. There is nothing worse then looking through a facebook album at a group of girls all looking ridiculous wearing candy coloured gowns and smiling from ear to ear- reminds me of a cheesy American prom or a tasteless wedding.

10/10 Camila.

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  1. Camilla looks gorgeous!!! my favorite is kate's givenchy though:)))