Sunday, 6 March 2011

3/4s of the Way There

Remember pedal pushers in the 90s? We all had them, light blue stretch denim, worn low on the hips- often accompanied by a gypsy top in a baby pink or a pastel blue.  The cherry on my look was a pair of frameless sunglasses with tinted purple lenses, and possibly pink rhinestones in each corner. As you can imagine, I considered myself the epitome of sartorial sophistication.

I might have been a pre-teen back then, but I vividly remember buying my pedal pushers aged 13.

I recall resolutely walking down Croydon Highstreet and stopping off at two shops that I now cringe to admit I ever frequented; Morgan and MK1.  For the princely sum of £19.99 I bought a pair that I thought Ginger Spice might have picked if placed in my enviable shoes. The pockets were embroidered with flowers and they were a powdery ciel blue. I wore them to the park everyday that summer and talked about them (or rather explained them) to my mildly amused peers at every opportunity.

Cropped pants are back, but luckily they are updated and won't make you look like a country music singer. This time around they are either slouchy and deconstructed or a statement piece to be worn as the focal point of an outfit. But I am not too excited since I have some impossibly fun sequin harem pants from Topshop that I roll up to a cropped length and I can't visualise much beating them in the cool stakes.

A.F. Vandervost SS11
Albino SS11

Antonio Beradi SS11
Balenciaga SS11

Fendi SS11

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