Friday, 11 March 2011

Back on my pulpit

Today, Cheryl Cole's brother, Andrew Tweedy was jailed for 6 years for his part in planning an armed robbery near his home in Newcastle. All for the sake of £2000. It's hardly surprising with his 90 recorded offences and 30 convictions.

Having committed his first crime at 13, by the age of 17 he had stabbed a man in the back 4 times and a woman in the back once. 

It amazes me how this man was raised by the same mother as Cheryl Cole. I say that not because Cheryl Cole possesses any particularly admirable attributes, but because he mother is in fact her manager. This is the same woman who effectively allowed her son child to develop from an early age into a violent serial offender.

Excuses about their life on a hard council estate simply do not wash and it's insulting and moronic to unthinkingly correlate deprivation with sociopathic tendencies. Whilst there may be contexts where such assumptions are justified, I do not believe it's a given in every case.

So point it, I am repelled by the idea of Joan Callaghan failing in her basic maternal duty of ensuring that he son grows into a normal well adjusted adult- yet now being in the driving seat of her daughters career and basking in the lap of luxury. I would make further assumptions, but if I am mistaken in my arguments than I have already been sufficiently unfair, so I will stop.

Thank you. I shall get off my pulpit now. 

Jailed: Andrew Tweedy, brother of Girls Aloud star Cheryl Cole, has been jailed for six years

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