Friday, 29 April 2011


My friend Serge is cycling through India and up the Himalayas, for charity this summer.

"This summer I will be taking part in a 660km cycle challenge to cross the heights of the Himalayas for a children's charity. With a group of 9 other students, I will spend 18 days travelling 660km across the mountain passes in Northern India whilst reaching the altitudes of up to 4550m!

With your help I hope to raise £2400 by 9th of May, most of which will go towards community development projects of ChildReach International and some will cover the costs of travel. "

 To do this he needs sponsorship from the lazy likes of us, who complacently sit on our arses whilst others do their bit. He tried to talk me into it, but I know my limits and sweating it out over hundreds of miles of boiling terrain may do my love handles exactly the sort of harm they require, but I'm afraid of what it might do to the team. Truly, no one deserves me asking to take 6 breaks a minute, moaning at every twist and turn.. and panting incessantly  even whilst rolling down hill... so for their sake, I'm sitting this one out.

Below is SJ raising money for the cause, whilst dressed as Sylvester. Please donate Here, even if its only a couple of pounds! It's a genuinely good cause and Serge is a genuinely GREAT guy and amazing person. GOOD LUCK!

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