Monday, 18 April 2011

Net-a-porter Lust List: GOLDSIGN Passion mid-rise bootcut jeans

Somehow these Goldsign Jeans are impossibly cool- despite kinda looking like Mom jeans.

If you ask me, it's a shame that somewhere in the frightful nineties and the fashionably questionable early noughties, this surprisingly wearable trend was relegated to the graveyard of crop tops, hip-hop fashion (Christina Aguilera, TLC, All Saints- they were all at it) and grossly oversized combat pants.

And although I do not approve of Net-a-porter's styling of the particular look, stilettos and jeans should never be worn in the day (unless you live in Eastern Europe), I would love these jeans with something relaxed and sort of 60's and with a wide brimmed sunny hat.

Buy them here £245

Goldsign Goldsign 

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