Tuesday, 3 May 2011


Here are the other women on my list of worst offenders. Ironically, there is a real lack of McQueen at the McQueen themed event. It was probably one of those occasions where women tell themselves 'Everyone will be wearing McQueen, so I won't'.

Jessica Alba: I know she's pregnant and that I should therefore out of feminine solidarity cut her some slack. However, whilst I can forgive her princess hair (just barely), the fabric of her dress is revolting, crepey, champagne coloured, semi shiny. Ralph Lauren has a lot to answer for. Moreover, my biggest pet peeve is when women end up looking like over-eager bridesmaids. This is one such occasion.

Stella McCartney in... you guessed it... Stella McCartney. I don't even need to waste my energy typing whats wrong with this dress. But in short, it is extremely unflattering and plain odd. There's theatricality and there's a misguided sense of artistry. 

Zoe Saldana: Dull as dishwater.

Rosie Huntington- Whiteley: Eurgh to her clutch, shoes, dress. She is a professional model and there is no excuse for dressing like this when you have the global fashion industry at your beck and call. She is wearing Burberry, who normally don't put a foot wrong dressing celebrities for the red carpet, but I sadly do not think they pulled it off this time.

Anna Dello Russo: And to think, I had such high hopes for you Anna. She doesn't look bad per se, but she doesn't look wow either. The outfit is Sarah Burton for McQueen.

Anna Dello Russo Costume Institute Gala 2011

Anna Wintour in Chanel

Alexa Chung looked ridiculous wearing Christopher Kane. But maybe I'm being harsh because I just don't "get" her style.

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