Friday, 6 May 2011

My Holiday in the Maldives: April- May 2011

I'm not much of a photographer but fortunately my new Canon SLR did the hard work for me. As you can see the weather was flawless and even the one day that was marred by a tropical storm and torrential rain, was frightfully exciting.

Spent most of the day on the beach and to be honest whilst I enjoyed myself and found the whole thing very relaxing, after day four I was praying for a miracle to get me home. The Maldives brings boredom to a whole new dimension, as there are only so many books you can read and so many body parts to have massaged in the spa. I get what people say about this being a honeymoon destination, but all sorts of things come out when you are stuck with someone on a tropical Island  with just coconuts for company (you can literally spend the whole day without seeing a soul)- so consider yourself warned. 

To be honest, I prefer the Far East, just because you have the luxury of getting out of the hotel and taking in the sights. Langkawi (malaysia) was FAR more beautiful, but the Andaman sea there is DISGUSTING, like dirty bath water. However, in spite of that, The Four Seasons Langkawi is one of the best hotels I've stayed in and had absolutely the best food of my life.

Otherwise, if you need some major relaxation, then I guess the Maldives is the place to go.

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