Saturday, 21 May 2011

Net-a-porter Lust List: RICK OWENS Blister washed-leather biker jacket

I don't do rock-chic, in fact I can't do rock chic- although I wish I could. The trend is undoubtedly for those with waifish, gamine proportions. Long limbs, elfin features, you know the type.

Booty and jiggle with a leather jacket and studs don't work and aren't sexy.

And I just know that love handles and leather aren't meant to be. But in spite of this, I cannot help my yearning. But maybe, just maybe, Rick Owens has done one better. The slouchy, casual shape of this piece is exactly what the doctor ordered, edgy but wearable. Can defo be worn with anything. Now for the fit test..

Rick Owens 

Rick Owens 

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