Tuesday, 31 May 2011

A theme park destroyed by Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans

Desolation: This eerie photograph shows a corroded rollercoaster soaring into the sky behind a graffiti-covered ride at the abandoned Six Flags theme park, New Orleans

Eerie: A broken clown

Stopped forever: A rollercoaster car

'Welcome to Zombieland, kids': Vandals have taken advantage of the park's devastation to spray graffiti on every surface

Abandoned: Floodwaters ripped through the Six Flags amusement park, flattening 80 per cent of the buildings and damaging most of the rides beyond repair

Drowned: Trees have grown over these abandoned trucks, which still seem to sit in the remnants of the seven-feet high floods

Derelict: Most of the park has been reduced to tangled, rusty metal, after it was submerged for more than a month in a corrosive mixture of sea and river water

Devastated: Developers have not yet settled on a plan to reopen the park
Paradise? The abandoned Six Flags theme park is as far from paradise as you can imagine

Faded grandeur: These once proud buildings are now slowly falling apart after they were devastated by the floods - but the graffiti oddly supplies a note of hope

Fallen silent: This carousel has been left to rust away like the rest of the park, which was already losing money before Katrina hit

Smashed to pieces: Broken computers lie strewn all over this office
Abandoned: This sign is badly overgrown

Washed out: The colour has faded from this once-jaunty sign for a SpongeBob Square Pants ride

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