Saturday, 21 May 2011

We're inevitable Waldorf- Chuck Bass (Gossip Girl)

No one likes being a cliche, or admitting to being one in an army of millions all sharing a common guilty pleasure. Especially when the pleasure I speak off is an American tv show, chronicling the "lives of Manhattan's elite" and aimed at the 12-20 teenage girl demographic.

 Even without the title of this post to guide you, you would instantly guess that I am referring to the Gossip Girl phenomenon.

The plot is often absurd, the acting can be bad (Blake Lively anyone?) and the wait for the next episode always excruciating. But there is one thing that keeps me tuning in episode after episode- and that is; The love of Chuck and Blair. This is truly on-screen romance at its best. And their on-screen chemistry is unique,leaving you totally believing in them and their story, no matter how impossible or far fetched.

No woman can watch this show without experiencing a hollow hopeless yearning for Chuck Bass. But alas, Blair is the only woman for him and secondly, men like him don't exist.

One of my favourite moments between them was a scene in this season's finale where they sneak into a Bar Mitzvah. Their faces are filled with joy as they briefly relive their love for each other with most of the feelings between them remaining unsaid. Just watch Chuck's face as he watches Blair dance.  

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