Friday, 3 June 2011

Editor of the Week, Fashion Highlights: Carine Roitfeld

She may have stepped down as editor of French Vogue in January, but for me she is still firmly identified with the brand and since Emmanuelle Alt has yet to make her mark, Carine is the object of my attention for this week.

Born to a Russian father and a French mother, Carine had a very comfortable childhood and adolescence, growing up in Paris. She started her career at 18, as a pretty average model and moved across to join the editorial ranks at Elle and finally at Vogue, where she spent 10 years.

Physically, I often confuse her with Anna dello Russo, because of their similar physiques, tans and hair the colour of burnt sugar. But in style, they couldn't be more different.

Carine's style is chic, in a severe, edgy, dominatrix sort of way. Her everyday wardrobe is sparsely accessorized and there is little experimentation with colour. Carine's focus is very much on the fit of her clothing and the feel is often almost utilitarian/ rock n roll.

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