Monday, 6 June 2011


For me a normal manicure is like a shiny ticking time bomb. Typically, it is only a matter of seconds, from the moment that the last glossy coat is applied, that I reach in my handbag, for the remote or for my card, and ruin 45 mins worth of boredom and painstaking application.

So for the impatient likes of me, Shellac is a god-send. The manicure lasts for about 2 weeks. Your nails do not scratch, break, chip or loose their lustre. It's like have a perfect set of acrylics, with the bonus of healthy and protected nails. The special gel polish is placed for a few seconds under a UV lamp and sets to form a hard shiny surface.

There are not many places in London that do Shellac, but a quick google search will tell you where. Many thanks to my friend Mary, who gave me the heads-up on this, after coming back from the States with perfect nails.


  1. It's called a no-chip manicure here they do it with the OPI products in US, I've done it several times and I must say I absolutely loooved it!!!! (Nigar slivka lool)

  2. Last year I was obsessed with Shellac, 6 months I went only to Shellac manicure but at the end my nails were too weak and when I removed it they were in quite bad condition.
    So may be Shellac is not so healthy and harmless but is definitely convenient especially for people who don't have a lot of free time.

  3. Hi! Do you know which color is the light one of your french manicure? It's fantastic!