Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Among famous traitors of history one might mention the weather.

Yesterday, going to meet my friends on a bonecrushingly cold London evening. Disastrously my winter wardrobe is packed away in storage so I threw together the warmest of my summer gear and improvised with a hat. However, my Giambattista Valli coat wasn't very warm and by the end of the night I was as cold as a well-diggers ass.

I just hope this inclement weather ends soon.

Coat: Giambattista Valli 
Shoes: Louboutin
Bag: Zagliani
Hat: H&M
Dress: Reiss
Tan: Azerbaijan

1 comment:

  1. hahah nice!! Tan: Azerbaijan!
    That's where I get my tan too, I don't like the Dutch sun ( I call it dutch because I ever get the tan I want here)