Saturday, 23 July 2011

Emin concert at Under the Bridge, London. 22 July 2011

Today London saw the concert of Emin @Under The Bridge, which I attended with my friends.

To be honest, I was quite excited because I love the style of his music, which is both smooth and effortlessly cool. In terms of musical genre he broadly fits the pop mould, but his voice is soulful with a rocky edge. I'm probably not the first to say that he sounds like a modern day Elvis Presley.

So, the gig was absolutely fantastic and Emin absolutely had his audience where any artist wants them, totally in the palm of his hand. Even the five year old next to me (I don't know why parents take their little people to gigs) was swaying to the melodies and bopping to the beats.

If you are reading this, go check out his stuff- especially "Miss America", it's bloody amazing. It was the one song that I hadn't actually listened to and when it came on I was like 'woahhh'. And being someone who never likes songs on first listen, I was really impressed. 
Also as his album has quite a few melodies and slower songs on it, I was not expecting this little gem. I really think he's found his style. Got it playing right now as I write this.

So in summary, fantastic night, great music and would definitely go again.


  1. This is a very talented artist! Respect

  2. I saw him on this morning. What a heart throb.