Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Leyla Aliyeva : Sensational in Herve Leger

I know I did a post a while back about not liking Herve Leger.
However, today I decided, that I do like it after all.. but on the right person. Nevertheless, I stand by my earlier words that in order to pull it off you have to have the perfect figure of goddess-like proportions.

Here is Leyla Aliyeva looking absolutely sensational in a violet Herve Leger dress, at the Emin Agalarov concert in Baku, Azerbaijan. I love everything about this look. Usually when people wear the brand I focus on the dress rather than the person. However on this occasion, the dress fades into the background and merely compliments Leyla Aliyeva's spectacular beauty.


  1. She is gorgeous. Tina

  2. krasavica kakaya!!!!!

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