Sunday, 17 July 2011

Style Rules for the Guys

After a fleeting first impression people are remembered for their charm or their style, or the absence of either.  

Don't believe me? How about venturing out, all dressed up but accessorising with a rucksack. Total man-repellant? See I told you. Or why don't the gentlemen amongst you try wearing sandals and throwing in some socks for good measure? Ignored on approach? People can be so cruel.

Of course on further acquaintance these things cease to matter and we'd be idiots to pick our friends based on anything other than their ability to make us laugh and the warm predictability of knowing exactly what they are thinking, even when at their most devious.

 However, that aside, first impressions are a daily inevitability.   And if you are a man who is sartorially challenged and don't feel you have the je ne sais quoi to wing it on charisma alone, then consider emulating the following style guidance. And if you don't care? Well good for you (but I'm still making a feature of it)!

1. The Tailored White Shirt

This is THE Most Important Rule in the World when it comes to men's fashion. It doesn't matter if your usually preppy, grungy, sporty, suited or simply nonchalant. A white shirt can be worn with anything and suits everyone.

Shirt Specifics

  • But the shirt must be clean and brilliant white
  • It must be fitted, but not so tight that people question your sexuality (which is probably not what your after if your straight)- avoid anything where the material billows at the sides or the back.
  • The fabric must be good quality- you can spot a cheap shirt a mile of.
  • Must be immaculately ironed.
  • At the designer end; Balenciaga have the best shirts. Lanvin/Burberry/Dolce Gabbana are quite good.
  • Otherwise: Paul Smith, Aquascutum, H&M, Gap
 Can be worn with any of the following (be selective);

  • Bright fitted blazer or bright chinos (not at the same time);
  • Neck scarf (very cute if you can pull it off)
  • Good pair of jeans;
  • Rolled up sleeves in the summer;
  • Cool cufflinks, e.g. monogrammed with your initials- but for God's sake avoid all novelty items

Pitti Uomo 80 - Marcel Ostwald
Pitti 80 - Albin J. Grkovic

Photo Source; CitizenCouture

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