Wednesday, 6 July 2011

You've been Framed.

It's rare that my bro jumps on a trend bandwagon before I do, but much to my annoyance, necessity (rather than vanity) has made things thus.

(and yes Alex, I know, you are totally gonna kill me for this post)

So today when he got home from work I cornered him with my SLR and snapped him in his 505 Oliver People's specs. Now I personally think these are pretty cool as they are an exact replica of Oliver People's original 1980's design and produced by the same Japanese factory that made them 30 years ago. But, he just liked the way they looked and got them, men.

So anyway, back to the point. I like this trend and I don't care, animal, mineral or vegetable, it looks cool on anyone. But please wear them with normal clothes, do not suddenly restyle your whole wardrobe just so you can pull off a pair of vintage frames. The whole point is to wear them with what you normally do.

oliver peoples op-505 eyeglasses.jpg