Monday, 8 August 2011

Creme de la

I am sorry. I know I shouldn't use profanities. Nor should I swear and pollute the blogosphere with foul language. But some occasions call for a more robust sort of vocabulary and Creme de La Crap just didn't have the same ring to it.

Today I am reviewing Creme de La Mer. £530 for 250ml. Developed by Dr Max Huber who worked for Nasa and needed a potent cream for some scars after an experiment exploded in his face (ouch). The moisturiser is made from sea-kelp and has all sorts of other vitamins. But big deal, even before I used it my first pet-peeve was the fact that it contains petroleum jelly aka vaseline. For £530 I am pretty sure I can buyer a tanker of vaseline and bathe in it for the rest of eternity.. so we are already not off to a good start. glycerin.. panthenol, are all amongst other ingredients. Not very high tech if you ask me.

But as with anything, the proof is in the testing. The cream felt greasy against my skin and smelled unpleasant. The consistency is incredibly thick and you are meant to rub a pea sized amount between your hands until the cream liquifies and then apply it to the face. Easier said than done. Time after time I was left with well moisturised verging on greasy hands and an unchanged visage. But of course, for the sake of journalistic integrity I persevered.

Day 4: Skin feels tight and irritated. I simply refuse to continue this experiment. There has not been a dot of difference and overall I'm inclined to dismiss the product as overhyped, cleverly marketed junk. My Mama has also tried it and she was similarly unimpressed.


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