Thursday, 18 August 2011

Houston, we have a problem

I presume that a lot of my blog audience are female, and without wishing to isolate my male followers (for which I am extremely grateful), I am still going to allow myself the luxury of moaning about something that is an exclusively female prerogative. 


This is most uncharacteristic, since I don't subscribe to the "you can never be too rich or too skinny" adage. In fact, I prefer my women (completely platonically) to be normal sized, no greyhound ribs or knobbly knees for me, thank you very much.

But, now that I've gone back to work, I've lost it! 

Apart from working on the complex legal matter I am assisting with, I spend all day planning my next meal/ snack/ fridge raid/ biscuit heist.

My document reviews have not only made me an expert in the subject matter I'm reviewing, but also in the crumbliness, oatiness and consistency of a huge variety of the McVities offering (for those abroad, McVities is the UK's top biscuit producer).

So I really need to crack this habit... preferably before I turn into a human cannon-ball.

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