Sunday, 14 August 2011

London: I Love this city!

Had an absolutely glorious day in London today. The sun was shining, there were no cars and the city was unnaturally quiet.  Walking around all day it made me appreciate just how much there is to do and see. Sort of weird since England has been home for nearly twenty years, but sometimes your life takes over and you strangely don't appreciate the place where you live.

On every corner there is something to make you smile, to make you stop and stare, to make you hungry or to make you want to spend. 

You walk through a sea of anonymous faces but someone will always have a smile or a witty comment to hand. People say sorry when you bump into them or look away when you stare too directly. The streets are clean, the lawns immaculately groomed and there'll always be girls in bikinis and old men in thongs as soon as the sun comes out.

Something awaits around every corner. I love this city.

Just Some things from Today

Jeans: Siwy, Green Vest: Giambatista Valli, Sunglasses: Victoria Beckham, Belt: Zara, Bag: Chanel

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