Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Lust List: Tess Van Ghert

You know that smug self satisfied feeling when you discover something that you just KNOW is the next big thing- when you excitedly tell your friends and then watch them all lust after that particular thing.

Recently for me, one such discovery has been Tess Van Ghert. Founded by Augusta and Kristina Pokrovskaya, the brand is rapidly becoming the must-have for beautiful luxurious design. Moreover, as a family business there is a great deal of thought behind every colour, line and curve. There is no commoditised conveyer belt churning out endless products. Everything that is produced is done so with great care and the most exquisite attention to detail. 

The main line consists of intricately crafted bags in sumptuous exotic skins and rich colours. The bags are not only luxurious, but also ultra wearable, which is a great accomplishment when using the rarest skins such as crocodile and stingray.

Then there's the recently unveiled jewellery collection, with every piece painstakingly produced by hand with a huge amount of thought behind every design. The bracelets and chains look good enough to eat and are simply extraordinary in their beauty.

The new Tantra collection hits stores soon and is comprised of one-off individual pieces with semi-precious stones from Tibet. I shall be providing my readers with a preview of the collection in the next couple of days.