Saturday, 27 August 2011

Review: Dinner at Il Baretto

So we spent the day debating where to have dinner and settled on Il Baretto, a cool Italian restaurant in Marylebone owned by the same people who own Zuma, Roka and La Petite Maison.

So obviously expectations were high- and no one's more than mine, since Italian food is always tricky with me.

My SLR let me down on this occasion because some reason in the pictures the dishes look like a dog's dinner- but believe me when I tell you it tasted pretty darn good. The calamari were cooked to perfection and crucially sans grease, the parmigiana was rich and creamy and the pasta was neither too soft or too al dente. 

Best of all, the food totally met my expectations in that I think Italian food should taste like it's been cooked at home in the family kitchen and il Baretto did not disappoint in this regard. But if your thinking of coming here for a quiet dinner and deep conversation, forget it, the place is so loud I could barely hear myself think. But overall, good food, jovial atmosphere but not somewhere if you want a relaxed chill.


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