Thursday, 11 August 2011

A sort of answer.

Sometimes when people get together they become so entwined in each others lives that they lose sight of themselves as individuals, as independent entities, each with his own distinct purpose and ambitions. People grow, change, evolve. It would be tragic if the person you were yesterday remained unchanged three years from now.  Change is life, although it is not always pleasing or for the best.

Speaking from experience, I do not believe in the merit of settling down early and tying yourself to a life that you do not necessarily wish to lead, especially once you realise that what you once needed is no longer enough. After all, we only live once and the longer we go on lying to ourselves the more time we lose doing things that are genuinely meaningful. Surely in order to be truly happy you must first be so independently. Moreover, if two people do not agree on basic common principles, on what is genuinely important, what is there to hold them together? 

I've always wanted the person I choose to have complete freedom over their destiny and not to be held back by the dictates and ideals of others. I myself would never force a person away from the sort of life they want to lead and the path they choose. Although it may be difficult, sometimes sacrifices must be made in order to do the right thing in the long run. Although they may not understand it at the time, perhaps they never will, it takes a certain amount of courage to push someone away for their own good.

But of course, everyone always sides with the 'injured party', the one who makes the most noise. The one with the best sob story. No one ever questions what role they played in what happened. There are two sides to every story and plenty to be told, but why? Surely integrity is more important than a tacky attempt at a senseless revenge (although still unsure for what)?

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