Saturday, 13 August 2011

What is beautiful?

Aesthetics. Glossy surfaces, perfect skin, crisp lines and languid curves.

We might recoil disdainfully and preach ourselves above such shallow concerns, whilst hungrily browsing Asos for a Balmain-esque dress. Indeed we might even wax lyrical on the beauty that lies beyond a probing stare, only to be distracted by ‘Snog, Marry or Avoid’ ten minutes into this outburst. But no matter what we say, we can’t deny the role that appearances play in our experiences and judgements.

Looking at things has always been something I’ve LOVED. The tiny details have always seemed beautiful when viewed against the big picture. Perhaps disturbingly so, I recall that my primary school years were coloured by a weird obsession with irises! Science lessons went by in a blur of mesmerised (and may I add jealous) staring into the baby blues of my best friend, Gabi.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of aesthetics is how much ideals of beauty and style vary from person to person. As a fairly standard representative of the human race sometimes it’s wonderful to observe the low intake of breath as a particularly conspicuous towering Goth  or a blonde pneumatic bombshell, part the crowds like the red sea. No matter the subject I feel that something does not have to be picture perfect to be attractive.

The discerning eye does not casually dismiss the unusual, but realises that today’s ‘ugly’ might be tomorrow’s beautiful, embracing this and loving what he sees.

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