Friday, 30 September 2011


A little makeup can go a long way in restoring life, colour and glamour. But this girl takes it to another level.  I watched three of her videos whilst gaping at my screen open mouthed. With the power of MAC and some brushes Tamang Phan transforms herself to resemble some eerily familiar faces.

Could potentially come in useful. World's greatest disguise anyone? Her boyfriend better watch out. One minute he's the man hitting on Nicole Scherzinger, the next she's screaming like a banshee and ripping off her wig- don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me?

My Wang-tastic attempt at a fishtail braid

Took me literally 2 minutes of plaiting and then a few more of pouting, and voila. Daniel Hersheson eat ya heart out.

p.s. told you i'm a book fiend, and that's just the beginning. I thank my Kindle every day for the fact that my room no longer resembles the British Library meets Topshop Oxford Circus

Thursday, 29 September 2011

How to do a fishtail braid/ Alexander Wang Plait

The wang plait is one that I've long aspired to perfect but I just didn't get how to do it.

 I tried everything from plaiting with four strands (don't know why I thought that would work) to teasing my hair into an afro and trying to achieve that illusive perfect braid.

But thanks to my buddy Lauren, I now know it's as easy as pie.

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Every man dies - not every man really lives

So the other day I did something that incorporated many of the things that give me pleasure.

1. the outdoors
2. food (always)
3. oysters (fine de claires)
4. good company (my uncle)
5. fresh amazing smelling flowers (hydrangeas)
6. prosecco (fizzy and peachy)
7. taking photos (or rather working on my skills)
8. sitting in the sunshine (working on the tan)

Where? Bibendum Restaurant and Oyster Bar, Chelsea. The food  wasn't great (except the oysters which are always the same), but I was so happy that day that it didn't matter.

So, Carpe Diem. Don't wait for good things to happen to you, seize the moment, enjoy the simple pleasures, love your friends, be generous, don't bear grudges, laugh lots and enjoy.

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Some girls love roses, I don't..

It's always lovely getting flowers that are completely unexpected. So I don't understand why so many people insist on ruining the surprise.

Take this example:   This one individual decided to 'Surprise' me, and he may have been 17 at the time, but that's inconsequential.  Now if you know him, you will know that him and surprises are like oil and water.  From the moment he resolved to send me those roses, there was not a second in his life where he was not dropping hints about 'what was to come'.  

So if you are going to do the whole flower thing (and the girl is not your sister), here's how:

1. Don't buy red roses, they are cliche and if you don't know someone that well, they can be a bit intimidating and a little too "full on" if it's early days. Personally, I'm not crazy about roses but I ADORE hydrangeas.

2. If your giving her the flowers make the bouquet small- if your sending them, think big.

3. Don't forget to include a card- write whatever you want, as long as you mean it.

4. Don't imbue the gesture with any particular significance. It means more if we think you were casual/nonchalant about the whole thing.

5. And of course, make sure we get them when we least expect them

Monday, 26 September 2011


I love Sundays. The last day of the week that always seems to slip through my fingers and leaves me wondering where the time has gone.

This Sunday was no different. During the day I headed over to Maida Vale for Brunch with my friends at Formosina, which also happens to be a restaurant owned by the impossibly beautiful mother of my friend, Fallonista (bible for fashion).

My motto is never eat more than you can lift- but I kid you not, this place serves the most incredible food ever and you'll be struggling to fit through the door at the end of your meal. Most of us plumped for the traditional favourite- THE SUNDAY ROAST. I love a good roast and Drum Roll Please.. This roast was the best I've ever had and I'm not just saying that because Fal is my friend, but because it tasted incredible and everyone had a slightly glazed look on their face as they were eating.

What I especially loved is that along with the mouthwatering dishes, the ambiance of this place is divine. The cut crystal chandeliers, the Maximillian Wiedemann art on the walls, the perfect lighting and the atmosphere of decadent cosy intimacy.

Basically, I loved the place and tried to keep this review free from hyperbolic exaggerations, so seriously, I speak the truth. Give it a try and see for yourself.

18 Formosa Street, W9 1EE – 0207 289 9888


Sunday, 25 September 2011

Alexander Skarsgard by Chad Pitman

This post is dedicated to a very dear friend of mine and fellow Trubie. We may be separated by an ocean and America may be an entire continent away, but I know that as she sits at her laptop in her Chicago high-rise, this post will make her smile.

Mr Skarsgard is right up there with Leonardo Dicaprio in my list of favourite actors. They've both got that 'eye thing' going on. I have always loved people with expressive eyes, that twinkle, crinkle and shine with energy. Both Leo and Alex are very intense actors and one of their greatest strengths is the amount of emotion they convey with their eyes and that you don't need to listen to what they say because it's written so clearly, yet subtly, across their face. You can mute the television and yet continue to feel like your watching the film. There's true talent for you.


Ladies, sequins and pailettes are once again in. I have always loved this trend just because its so bright, bold and in your face. I would usually say that with sequins less is more- but this season it's 'More is More'. Go crazy with colour, different textures and contrasts and accessorize till all you need is a layer of tinsel and an angel on top.  

Better when we're together :)

Yesterday me and my lovely friends attended the most fabulous birthday dinner and party hosted by Fallonista of Bible For Fashion

It was the birthday of her younger brother, Laurence and call me sentimental (coz I am), but it was heartwarming to see four generations coming together, sitting side by side in the candlelight, sipping champagne and celebrating Laurence's b'day.

The dinner of about 30 people took place in Movida, which was beautifully bedecked with candles and flowers. Millions of mini burgers, fries, escalopes, pasta and cakes later we were ready to boogie. 

I don't think anyone wanted to go home and as I type this, I am wistfully remembering last night and smiling :)





You can see why we're friends

Glow in the dark!

Herve Leger was the label of choice

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Green is my favorite- because it's the colour of your eyes, grass, trees, money, and life.

We are 6 days away from October and London is suddenly experiencing a second Summer. This morning I woke up and the sky through my window was a blazing blue. I went for my morning jog in the park and there were people swimming in the Sepentine Lido and sprawled under trees with picnic baskets!

So determined to enjoy what is undoubtedly one of the last clement weekends of the year, me, my friend and my trusty SLR spent the day wandering around our local area, taking pictures, talking and people watching- a very serious past time don't you know.

Lara Stone by Mario Testino for GQ UK October 2011