Thursday, 1 September 2011

For the Guys: Casual Daywear

Why are 'nice' men's clothes so much cheaper than 'nice' women's clothes? Sorry to answer my own question, but, I guess it's another one of those gender discrepencies where designers realise that it's harder to rip off a guy by selling him some nice threads (that he doesn't particularly need) at a totally extortionate price.

Anyways, if you are looking for a cool casual outfit, look no further. And since style is so totally subjective, I think it apt to issue a disclaimer in that I certainly don't expect everyone to agree with my taste- and if you think it's appalling that's totally fair :) But still, check out Mr Porter.

Folk Printed Elbow Patch Check Shirt
Folk Printed Check Shirt £135
Edwin ED71 Slim Leg Raw Selvedge Jeans
Edwin ED71 Slim Leg Raw Selvedge Jeans
Jimmy Choo Shearling Lined High Top Sneakers
Jimmy Choo Shearling Lined Sneakers £485

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