Tuesday, 20 September 2011

London Fashion Week 2011: KIRSTY WARD

I came across and had the pleasure of meeting Kirsty Ward at London Fashion week. Kirsty is a graduate of St Martins and spent time working at Alberta Ferretti. She launched her eponymous label last year and has already generated a wave of excitement.

Her pieces immediately caught my eye for their bright colours, unexpected textures (e.g. neoprene) and luxurious embellishment heavy detailing. After a few days of prowling the stands I didn't think there would be anything left that would surprise or excite me, but that was before I clapped eyes on Kirsty's gorgeous skirts, neon yellow dresses, quirky cut out detailing and painstaking attention to detail.

"A merging of jewellery and clothing are at the core of Kirsty Ward’s collections. Materials as varied and unexpected as rivets and hinges, often festooned with streams of silk and Swarovski crystals, are layered between luxuriously sheer fabrics. This merging of contrasting yet complementary elements is key to the eclectic nature of Kirsty Ward’s designs"


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