Saturday, 10 September 2011

Lust List: Emilio Pucci Lace Nero Mini dress with lace applique

I've been truly, madly, deeply in love with this Pucci dress from the moment I laid eyes on it. It is absolutely magnificent and I will not rest until it's in my wardrobe.

 So here is provisionally what I would wear it with. Spent forever searching Polyvore, because it's such a gorgeous dress that you want to do it justice. The outfit I came up with is defo good date/ party wear - simple, sexy, sensational.

Here were my thoughts.

1. The dress is already 'WOW' so don't over-accesorize
2. But be sure to wear it with some statement earrings
3. Don't wear a black shoe, because you want to add some interest to the legs, but keep the shoe shape simple
4. Have fun with the clutch- don't take yourself too seriously

If you want me meet me in electric chapel

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