Thursday, 8 September 2011

Review: HIX Soho

Lately I've been all about trying new, hip places, especially if they are surprising and somehow different. Long gone are the days when dinner in Nobu and cheesecake in Carlton tower were enough to satisfy my palette for variety. The 'cool' places to be seen now seem so staid and totally unappealing. Because seriously, who cares what cars are parked outside a place, what postcode it's in or the number of people who namedrop about it being their favourite hangout?

So I was eager to try HIX in Soho, which my friends told me is fantastic. After being unceremoniously dumped by my taxi driver in the middle of Wardour St, I decided to make the best of the opportunity and took some random photos (including one of a bemused Chinese guy) as I was trying to navigate my way to Brewer St. 

Hix was opened by Mark Hix, the same guy who ran the kitchens at The Ivy and Le Caprice. The restaurant's menu is quintessentially British with a heavy focus on classic meat dishes including a mammoth Porterhouse Steak which weighs a whooping 1kg!! As I wasn't in a particularly carnivorous mood I plumped for the softer option in the form of a 'wood pigeon on toast' starter and a  burger with fries for the main course.

"The food here is what you get at a lot of other restaurants, but believe me when I tell you that its just cooked to perfection, the best you will taste"- said the waitress. Impressed, I waited hungrily for my food.

When it arrived it looked good. But as every child is taught, appearances can be deceptive. The wood pigeon was rich and tasted of calves liver but failed to make an impression. The burger was similar - adequate but nothing fantastic. The bun was sort of foamy, the blue cheese bitter, the meat was perfectly cooked by not very flavourful. In short, nothing to write home about.

Plus I was surprised that the bill came to £245 for not a whole lot of food, which put the restaurant in the same price bracket as places like Zuma, Cipriani and la petite maison, but with an inferior offering and atmosphere. 

Probably wouldn't come here again, but  the company was great and still glad I tried something new. 5/10

p.s. Hate to say it, but IMO the best burgers in London are in the Jumeirah Carlton Tower.

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