Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Backpacks are Back - a worthwhile investment?

Dear oh dear. The backpack is experiencing a fashion renaissance. It started with the Olsen twins and their utilitarian Croc Backpack for the Row and the trend is now spreading like wildfire across the backs of the well-heeled.

To me the backpack is the antithesis of all things cool.

Although it does serve one practical purpose. This nifty little object is a total man repellant.

No more wolf whistles, forget low guttural moaning as you walk by and wagging tongues. No more thinking up responses to cheesy chat up lines and the awkward "excuse me, do you have a boyfriend?" approach from spotty adolescents. So if you're a girl who loves to complain about how much attention she gets (let's face it, everyone knows this type of girl), look no further and spare us your boring stories (yawn).

 For maximum effectiveness I recommend a Reebok drawstring rucksack (see below). 

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