Sunday, 2 October 2011

Dice, Dogs and Dance...

Saturday afternoon was spent having lunch on the sun-filled terrace of Carina and Andrew's home. As always Carina laid on a feast. Ice-cold Pimms, steaming stews, home-made hummus, warm doughy bread, fruit a plenty and as always my mouth is watering from just writing about it.

I admit that I feel sort of guilty for having such a fun-packed weekend. Especially as I've often knitted my brows at people whose lives seem to be a revolving doors of parties, holidays and champagne, punctuated by the occasional "business venture". However, those who know me can attest to 14 hour days in the library and weeks huddled over Law books without feeling the warm glow of daylight. And of course, there are the years that await me atop the corporate legal treadmill. And as we all know, now is the time to make our fondest memories.

Just play. Have fun. Enjoy the game.
Michael Jordan 

Me and Fal of Bible for Fashion both had our dogs in tow. Plato was subjected to endless abuse for the pink bow in his hair, but took it like a man and showed Lola (Fallon's Chihuahua) who's boss.

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