Sunday, 30 October 2011

Halloween- Sailors and Showgirls

The theme for Halloween was Sailors and Showgirls- at least for our party it was. For the occasion we had dinner at Beach Blanket Babylon in Notting Hill, which for those who haven't been is an amazing restaurant/ bar.

 The ambiance was amazing- the room in which we were dining was dark but flooded with golden candle light- unfortunately the flash in my photos kind of spoilt the effect, but you get what I mean. And the lighting only made everyone's costumes all that much more impressive and magical.

Dinner was wonderful, accompanied by a ghoulish Cabaret singer and people getting into their groove to the beats of Matthew Williamson's amazingly cool impromptu rendition of 'like a virgin'.

It was the most glamourous of Halloween's I've ever been to. Feathers, sequins, heels and not a splatter of fake blood in sight.  I'd much rather do dinner and dancing than jostling in a packed club and leaving after 10 minutes because of people stepping on my cape or poking me in the eye with their headpieces. 

So now that I've got the dress up part of Halloween out of the way, I'm looking forward to tomorrow. All the sweets I can eat, candied apples and pumpkin pie. And of course the obligatory DVD sets of terrifying horrors. eek.



  1. what an amazing party you went to. you all look to die for.

  2. what a amazing party and your outfits! looks like u had so much fun! i love the decor too! check out my blog btw

  3. Thank u :) we had the best time and loving ur blog! u've got urself a new follower!! :) xx