Monday, 3 October 2011


Yesterday evening my mum was invited to the Royal Opera House to attend a contemporary dance piece followed by a four course banquet for Hermes' UK customers and I was her plus one. The dinner which followed the dancing was absolutely spectacular. As we walked into the banquet hall, that had 4 long 50 person tables running down the centre, laden heavy with silver, candles and beautiful porcelain, our eyes were drawn upwards.

The sight was one that cannot easily be explained. Suspended from every inch of the ceiling were the most beautiful long-stemmed flowers and blooms in the most vibrant of shades. Looking up surreally felt like looking down into a field of every single rose, chrysanthemum, daffodil, lily, violet... (etc), imaginable. And if you listened closely, amongst the chatter, you could discern the sounds of the rainforest. All very surreal- at this point it wouldn't have surprised me if suit-clad chimpanzees proceeded to serve the dauphinoise. 

But the real beauty of the evening lay in the company. I was lucky enough to be seated next to two amazingly gorgeous and incredibly smart young women, who happened to be sisters. And how can I not mention J (I'm sure he'll welcome this anonymisation given his views on blogs), with his exceptional caustic wit and A-class banter. The four of us spent the entire evening in enraptured conversation and the time flew by at lightening speed. And just to think, I only ended up sitting at that particular table because someone had misplaced the seating chart for me! Just an example of how the simplest mistakes sometimes lead to the nicest of outcomes.

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