Thursday, 13 October 2011

Meat, Art and Couture.

C'est soir I had the pleasure of attending a wonderful party at Imitate Modern, a spunky and luxurious contemporary art Gallery in Devonshire St, that happens to belong to my oft-mentioned friend and fellow blogger, Fallonista, of Bible For Fashion.

The gallery was exhibiting the work of Tyler Shields and Maximilian Wiedemann. Tyler is a celebrated LA based celebrity photographer. Think of someone young, hot and famous and he's shot them. Maximilian is one the most talented graffiti artists around and his work has a modern Warhol-esque feel. He produces the most beautiful vivid canvases that are often stamped with witty & satirical one-liners.

Fallonista and Hanushka (me)

When I arrived there were droves of Paparazzi milling about, all awaiting the arrival of Chloe Green, Tamara Ecclestone and of course the artists, Tyler and Max.

Papping the Paparazzi

Once inside, Lindsay Lohan, Mischa Barton, Diana Agron and Hayden Pannetierre adorned the walls. The guests nibbled on delicious truffle pizza, mouthwatering mozzarella balls and prosciutto with parmigiano-reggiano, all from Getti, the most delicious Italian on Marylebone High street.

Then there was the rather fun and risque spectacle, of four scantily-clad women in scarlet lingerie, cleaving up and suggestively caressing pieces of raw meat. All very Hannibal Lecter.   

What made it more fun was seeing all my friends and catching up outside the gallery on what was another unseasonably balmy October evening. We all stood around raving about the paintings and the photography and marking out our favourites. I really do urge yall to stop by Imitate Modern and take a look for yourselves

Imitate Modern, 27a Devonshire St, W1G 6PN.


"Er.. thanks.. I'm a vegetarian"

Not a vegetarian- "Hello Clarice"  (Hannibal)

Michelle, her gorgeous Mom and Fal

Maximilian Wiedemann

We know something you don't know




  1. The art is amazing. and your not so bad yourself ;)

  2. Looks like an amazing night.Fab pictures - you all look so glamourous!
    Just discovered your blog and love it.

  3. Is Max gay now?