Thursday, 10 November 2011

Hair for Guys..

Hair can make or break a man. Shallow as it is, some hair transgressions are equivalent to a fly in the soup moment- too much gel, spikes of any sort or highlights.
So here is some advice, garnered through many a conversation with women and personal preference. Of course not everyone will agree, but most of the advice is relatively uncontroversial. But as always, feel free to take it or leave it.


The dos and don'ts of hair (for guys)

  1. If I can wash my super-long hair everyday, so can you. It takes about five minutes and you look & smell clean. Women might not say it, but we all appreciate someone who looks/smells fresh.
  2. Conditioner isn't just for girls. Use it to keep your hair manageable.
  3. Avoid gel at all costs. It looks 90s or really Peter Andre. If you need to put product in your hair, use mouldable wax which isn't as obvious.
  4.  Spikey hair is for little boys. A man should have the whole Don Draper/ Harvey Specter thing gawing on. Keep it a bit longer on top, shorter on the sides and swept to the side.. Longer and a bit messier can also work. (see photos)
  5. If you are have good bone structure you could alternatively go for a shorter buzz cut. Its the easiest style in the world and if it suits you all the better, although if you're working it is probably less professional.
  6. Don't dye or highlight your hair, unless you have that rockstar/ junky thing going when dyed hair is borderline acceptable, but the hygiene habits that accompany it aren't.
  7.  Less is more.. don't overdo it. No one likes a try-hard.




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