Tuesday, 1 November 2011

The Leopard

Leopard print has been on the fashion radar for a few years now and to think it all started with Marc Jacobs' ubiquitous sprouse leopard print scarf for Louis Vuitton all those years back. It's an easy thing to work into your wardrobe and is versatile- just don't try to do 'sexy' leopard print, that always goes wrong. 

Stick to casual pieces or those with a cool, deconstructed feel. Alternatively, go for clothes with a feminine girly quality. At all costs, avoid looking like a cast member of TOWIE (The only way is essex).

I got this really cool Charley 5.0 dress from the Raw Denim Bar. It's fun and easy to wear in a neutral grey and versatile for the wardrobe. As you may know, I love my denim and TRDB is great for cool off the radar denim and has lightening fast shipping. A lot of my friends now order their jeans from them just because the fit and selection is second to none. If you live in London, check out their store in Notting Hill.

p.s. Hope you are all wearing your poppies?


Jacket: Topshop, Bag: Balenciaga, Boots: Gucci, Dress: Charley 5.0


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