Tuesday, 8 November 2011


Here are some snapshots of a whirlwind few days in Amsterdam with my lovely people. The photos were taken on a cultural afternoon we spent the day wandering the city streets, taking in the sights. This was followed by a visit to the Van Gogh Museum and lunch. 

The afternoon was concluded on a maiden voyage cruising down the city's winding canals to the accompaniment of a droning tour guide, hip hop beats and bursts of laughter that seemed to increase in volume every ten minutes. 

The best thing is the hour flight time from London and the really good food. I had the best Italian I've eaten in a while at a restaurant called D'Antic, I would fly to Amsterdam again just to eat there! And of course there's plenty to see & do, there is far more to the city than stereotype suggests, it's not all tulips, caramel galettes and red lights. The scenery is lovely and you can walk for hours without seeing any of the things the city is 'known' for. It was only on our last evening that someone pointed out of the car window and in true tourist style shouted "omg... look.... it's a coffee shop!". I should also mention that the people are incredibly nice and all speak English.

Fallon from http://www.bibleforfashion.com/  and Mimi from http://danyandmimi.blogspot.com/



  1. Next time when you're in Amsterdam tell me, I can show you another city near Amsterdam, Almere, where you can also have a good time =)

  2. read the blog everyday and it brightens up my mornings. Amsterdam looked really fun and thanks for sharing.


  3. Thank you Gabriella :) sounds lovely! I will definitely let you know and get all your recommendations.

    And Lena, thank you.. It brightens up my mornings reading your comments.

  4. looking good ladies

    Ali Baba