Thursday, 3 November 2011

Warning: May cause extreme excitement. Demarquette Chocolate.

When you are a dog owner, you get to know a great number of people living in your area and I am no different. More often than not, the owners become as much of a 'pack' as their pets.

 It was whilst I was walking Plato one afternoon that I began to hear strange whispers. Everyone living around Kensington and Chelsea was in on a secret. Except me.

In the great outdoors and all that, the conversation naturally turns to food and on more than one occasion the name 'Demarquette' was uttered with mystical reverence. I quickly learnt that one of our number, Marc Demarquette was the owner and producer of one of Britain's finest artisan chocolatiers. 

Marc launched Demarquette on the Fulham Road in 2006 and in the space of six short years the business has flourished and developed a cult following. Marc's enthusiasm and passion for chocolate is truly infectious so when he invited me and my brother to his shop I felt like I'd won a Golden Ticket, a la Charlie and the Chocolate factory.

Marc Demarquette and I
Demarquette has a massive selection of cocoa-based confectionary to tempt even the most difficult of taste buds. Marc is a maverick and apart from a huge range of dark chocolate from the rarest of cocoa beans, there is a mouthwatering array of award winning ganache and caramel infused treats.

It will come as no surprise that the chocolate was the best we'd ever tasted. Everything I tried felt like a party in my mouth, but we are talking violins and ball gowns; smooth and aromatic flavours, unexpected and surprising combinations. My particular favourite was the passion fruit ganache- simply divine. Check out the incredible range of flavours HERE.

 Marc and his team work tirelessly, beginning work at 3am every morning to produce the freshest, most delicious chocolate you will ever eat. It's of little wonder that Demarquette is the UK's most awarded luxury chocolatier of 2010 and 2011 and that brands like Harrods and Fortnum and Mason are lining up to stock them. They are also ethical and do not buy their cocoa from the Ivory Coast and Ghana, that sadly still employ child labour to a huge extent.

Demarquette also offers chocolate on a collection basis, so for those with an adventurous palate, why not try the Great British Orchard (yorkshire rhubarb, kentish pear and other exciting flavours) or the English Garden (lavender, violet, manuka, heather etc..) collections? Moreover the packaging is stunning and would make the perfect gift/ stocking filler over christmas.

So if you live in central London and have a sweet tooth, then venture onto the Fulham Rd, right across from the Cineworld cinema and try a little or a lot of Demarquette's amazing chocolate. And if your further afield, you can always order online. Enjoy and please don't blame me if you develop an addiction!

An awesome range of dark chocolate

Yes, we liked it THAT MUCH!
Of course I ate these under an hour and I don't share.