Friday, 16 December 2011

Review The Art's Club, Dover St

One of my favourite places in London is the Art's Club in Dover St. Founded in 1863, the club has for over a century been a melting pot for artists, writers and patrons of the arts. Dickens, Twain, Trollope, Paltrow and Prince Phillip; rock royalty and the real thing have all at some point been members.

The club underwent a refurbishment last year and the management has been taken over by the people behind Zuma and La Petite Maison. Under their careful steer, the menus have been transformed and the interiors freshened up into a traditional yet surprisingly trendy space.

The club is comprised of a French Brasserie Restaurant, an upstairs bar, lounge areas and a night club in the basement with live music. More often than not, the microphone gets wrestled out of the hands of the performers by overzealous celebrity patrons and old time Rockers like Ronnie Wood getting into the groove to fervent clapping.

Me and my brother met Chelsea's Roberto De Matteo in the restaurant, as we were sitting at the next table and got chatting. We really took as shine to him, as he was so warm and friendly. Alex is always being told that he and De Matteo look like brothers. So of course he told him this little fact, to which he humorously replied "Er, Mate, if I were you I wouldn't take that as a compliment". 

My brother and his girlfriend. My mum in black. And our close family friends.

Pianoman and Magician.


  1. love the way you write and think I have a crush on your brother. Your blog is amazing by the way I start every morning with it.

  2. Thank you thats really sweet of u to say ! come back soon :)