Sunday, 11 December 2011

Come On, Barbie, Let's Go Party, Ha Ha Ha, Yeah

I never thought myself much of a blonde girl and despite some experimentation with the colour in my late teens, have decided that at heart I'm firmly a brunette.

But I can't deny that I didn't feel a small pang when I received the invite to Dafna's 20th Barbie & Ken themed birthday party in Sumosan. And although I am aware that Barbie is a modern woman and can be of any race, ethnicity, cultural subgroup or profession - part of me momentarily sulked over my auburn mane of hair.

Nearly every woman there wore some variation of pink or red and of course the obligatory high heels were also ubiquitous. We ate, danced, played charades and sang Karaoke. The food was exquisite but the company was even better.

Dafna even went to the trouble of getting everyone a personalised Barbie T-shirt with something about them on that back; Diana's said "Hot Brunette", Carina's read "Child Unfriendly", Zoe's read "English" and mine read "Luxury Marionette" hehe.

So thank you to Dafna and Polina for their incredible organisation and for making every part of yesterday perfect.
Big Hair
You can guess there was more than one camera

Andy Warhol would be proud
Oo La La

Zoe giving it her all in Charades
Olimpia taking instruction from Mr Tease

Bows and Sequins
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Sumosan Salmon Sashimi Salad thing- now you see it, now you don't

The Birthday girl, Diana and me.


  1. love your dress noomy!!!!! eve xx

  2. You look so gorgeous, and yaaay you made a gif!! xxx

  3. Thank you Rosie :) All your amazing inspiration )

  4. Loved the post :) tnx for coming ;) x

  5. Thank you Daisy :) sending a big hug your way. Love PTG.

    And Dafna, it's all down to you superbe party planning :)

  6. Wow,
    This is one of the coolest posts I've ever seen! I'm so jealous -- I want to go to a Barbie party!!! =)
    Thanks for visiting my blog, I am following you now and I love yours!
    You look fabulous, especially with your lovely brown hair. ;) Brunettes gotta stick together! haha It's so funny because although I love being a brunette, I must say that when I had my hair bright red this year, I felt more like I should have been born a redhead. I love that it added to my already fiery nature and feisty self! I can totally see you as a blond too, but seeing you as a brunette, you look absolutely stunning! Great dress, by the way.

  7. Thank you, thank you! Thats the nicest comment and its lovely that you took the time to write it. Personally I love every single hair colour out there- but red has to be my absolute fave, however I'm not sure I could brave the deep red shade I have in mind, so going to stick with auburn :)