Tuesday, 6 December 2011

In the Trenches

 Winter is upon us. I know that because it was brittlely (and bitterly) cold today - single digits, finger snapping cold. Time for the furs and the weather-proof trenches.

You can do Audrey or you can do Dita.. Burberry are best for the classic timeless Hepburn-esque style avec the elegant chignon & oversized shades; but maybe forget the cigarette holder. I'm also partial to Bottega Veneta (as below) for the impeccably tailored buttery leathers and modern cuts.

But remember you don't want to end up resembling a dodgy dominatrix so dress down loud leather accessories with soft makeup and girly cuts.

Mary in her beautiful almond coloured Fox-fur gillet and moi in my black leather trench from Bottega Veneta


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