Saturday, 24 December 2011

New Year. New Me?

  1. Stop saying "fantastic" when I'm nervous
  2. Bake my own bread once a week from scratch
  3. Accept that it's never okay to sing in the street when there's no one around. There's always someone within earshot.
  4. Throw dinner parties for my friends
  5. Stop seeing 'having' as a natural progression from 'wanting'
  6. Learn how to stop myself eating the entire contents of whatever I buy. 500g pack of Kettle Chips? Bye Bye
  7. See more of Sasha Holland
  8. Drop my "Cavalier attitude" and pass driving test #4
  9. Teach my dog to drink from his bowl and not ask for fresh tap water every time
  10. Cease being friends with anyone who doesn't like waltzing to Frank Sinatra
  11. Accept that sugar is not essential to my survival
  12. Don't talk a-mile-a-minute. S L O W speech
  13. Drink my tea from a dainty chintzy porcelain cup with a saucer
  14. Adopt a "No Beige Food" rule (except where resolution 2 is concerned)
  15. Feel lucky & grateful, no matter where the year takes me (and no, not throwing down the gauntlet to the deities)  

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