Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Ooo Baby it's cold outside

Whilst all my friends are swanning off the the Maldives, far east, skiing in the Alps and whirlwind city breaks, I am torpedoing through my LPC notes prior to exams in February. I have a cosy little set-up in my living room; thermos with thermal tea; assortment of sweets; roaring fire and piles of paper everywhere. 


  1. Sounds very cosy, good luck with your revision !

  2. Thank you Daisy :) hope u had a lovely xmas btw xxx

  3. Hey, are you Russian? :) Those are my favourite sweets, especially Belochka ;) and Ptichje moloko.
    Loving your blog, but I am new - just discovered your blog today, so dont mind my lack of knowledge for now.

    Nice post x

    1. Thank you :) I'm originally from Baku, Azerbaijan; so as you can imagine my parents still buy things that remind them of home. Dont even get me started on ptichie moloko- especially the cake!!

      Thanks for stopping by my blog ) I hope to see more of you and will also be checking out yours on the regular now I've found it!